Issues: Immigration

Liz talking to constituent.

Dedication to Fair Immigration

As New Mexicans, we have an incredible opportunity to be a leader on immigration. While there are a lot of opinions on the subject, no one understands the challenges of immigration better than we do here in Albuquerque.

We’ve seen firsthand the good and the bad of immigration. As a result, we have a truly unique perspective on immigration solutions. As your representative in the statehouse, I will work hard to develop effective immigration processes we can all be proud of.

I want to ensure those who are coming into New Mexico legally are processed quickly, without separation from their family, and that they have access to health and social services, and childhood education so they can start to build a better future here in America.

I want to ensure that those who are coming into New Mexico legally can build a better future here in America.

At the same time, I believe Albuquerque should be a sanctuary city, and New Mexico a sanctuary state. Those who want to be positive contributors to our city should be given the opportunity to do so, and have peace of mind, and a chance to affect positive change in the community.

I know our Town Hall discussions on immigration are contentious these days, but I believe we can find a better way. After all, as one attendee of our April Town Hall said, “Immigrants, legal or illegal, are not the cause of the city's high crime rate.”

As I've mentioned I stand with the members of our law enforcement community too. I want to ensure those men and women feel empowered, and that they understand the importance of their role in immigration. To that end, I’ve voted to give pay raises to public safety officers and will continue to do so.

In Albuquerque, I’ll dedicate myself to solutions that work best for our current and future residents, and show the country, and the world, how New Mexico can lead.

There’s a lot of work to be done in the capitol and I won’t stop here. If you’d like to know more about how I’m going to work to improve life for all New Mexicans:

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