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Liz working in a classroom.

Dedication to Education

I have dedicated my entire political career to early childhood education and will continue to do so as your representative.

I believe we’re making progress, and the data shows it. As Rick Nathanson recently reported in the Journal, Kids Count Data Book shows that last year New Mexico increased its rate of children attending preschool.

But we have to continue to invest in New Mexico’s greatest resource: our children. I want to take this message to the New Mexico State House and find creative new ways to fund education transformation and early childhood development.

Of course, the fastest way to create more educational opportunities is to better support the women and men who teach our youth. The Journal recently reported, “Albuquerque Public Schools has the highest overall need in the state, with 380 teacher and 90 educational assistant job openings for a student body of about 84,000.”

During the last session, I introduced a bill that would create a New Mexico public educator appreciation day at the House of Representatives. As your representative, I want to ensure that Santa Fe understands the important work of teachers in New Mexico and gives them the respect and support they deserve.

But we also need to take concrete action to make sure our educators and students are supported. That’s why, as a member of the House Appropriations & Finance Committee, I worked hard to draft a budget for 2018 that raised salaries for public school and state employees, while also increasing funding for early childhood education.

With more funding and more support for our teachers and schools, New Mexico can improve our education system and help kids succeed.

On the other end of the spectrum is adult education. I’m dedicated to building an educated workforce here in the state, so we can fill jobs with companies like Facebook, and in the high tech labs that call our city home. I want to empower our citizens so they have the skills to do these jobs and jumpstart our economy.

For example, in a recent tweet, fellow Representative Matt McQueen noted, “New Mexico has wind farms; it's about time we brought some of the component manufacturing here as well.” These are the kind of jobs I want to bring to Albuquerque! If we can empower our citizens to work these jobs, it will make opening shop here all the more enticing to these businesses.

There’s a lot of work to be done in the capitol and I won’t stop here. If you’d like to know more about how I’m going to work to improve life for all New Mexicans:

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